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uPVC Drainage Pipes & Fittings

SIMBA PVC drainage pipes is manufactured as per the DIN stardard, Uganda National Bureau of Standard (UNBS) and the British Standard.

SIMBA PVC drainage pipe is a strong pipe, which will last forever in your sewer system. Our pipe is flexible enough to eliminate shear or beam failure. In effect, the pipe and the earth around it join forces to make the pipe / soil system one of the strongest in the industry.

No other sewer pipe outperforms our sewer pipe at keeping sewage in and ground water pollution is no longer a concern.

Common sewer gases and corrosive have no effect. Smooth non-wetting interior walls make our pipe highly resistant to abrasion from waste or slurries.

They come with a full range of drainage fittings like: Bends, Elbows, Tees, Reducers, Branch saddles, Traps, Access plugs, Sockets, Couplers, Single and Double Y.

Click here to download PDF

Click here to download PDF